Wednesday, May 6, 2015

38,000 Mississippi third graders don't know if they made it to 4th grade yet

It all hinges off the results of a 50 question reading test that they were required to take in April.

The hangup? The state Board of Education hasn't decided what a passing grade should be. Mississippi legislators created the requirement in 2013. It kind of sounds like a good idea in order to not advance students that haven't quite met the standard yet, the problem, though is that no standard was really set.  In other words, just test and we will figure out what the standard is later.

I would suggest that legislators be held to a similar standard. They should be tested at the end of each legislative session to see how much of what they have voted for or against was really read and understood. Low scorers can't be held back because they were voted into office, but it would be good information for voters to know when the legislator comes up for reelection. #JustSayin