Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What Arguing with & Flipping Off the Bay St Louis City Council President Will Get You

Hancock County Board of Supervisors District Four candidate Jeff Harding will tell you it will get you expelled from the meeting and charged with disorderly conduct.

The Sea Coast Echo reported:

Artists rendition of what
Hardy's middle finger
might have looked like
  • During a portion of the discussion, council members asked city Comptroller Catherine Smith when certain records would be available for inspection.
    Smith replied that she has been busy and she would get them to the council when she could.
    Harding then interjected from the audience by saying "that's why we need a professional."
    Compretta then quipped back at Harding, saying that any further "outbursts" would not be tolerated.
    Witnesses said Harding then made a gesture as if he was scratching his nose with his middle finger.
    Compretta then pointed at Harding and repeated the gesture, saying "if anyone does this again, then they will be asked to leave. "On second thought, Compretta continued, you can leave now Mr. Harding."
    At that point, Police Chief Mike De Nardo walked across the room towards Harding. Harding stood up and said "I was only scratching my nose. If someone has to leave, then he (Compretta) should have to leave too because he did the same thing."
    When De Nardo reached the isle which Harding was standing, Harding asked "Am I under arrest?"
    De Nardo said "no," but he told Harding that he had to leave the meeting.
    Harding then began another verbal exchange with Compretta. De Nardo repeated his request from Harding to leave, and Harding refused, prompting De Nardo to say "Now, you are under arrest for disorderly conduct."
    Harding was led into the parking lot where he and De Nardo spoke for several minutes.
    De Nardo returned to the meeting and said that Harding was not arrested, but rather, issued a citation for disturbance of the peace/failure to comply. His court date was set for May 20, De Nardo said.