Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Want an Official Drivers License Photo that Does not Look like You? Go to South Carolina

And you don't have to be transgender, just call yourself a "gender non conformist."  After a lawsuit against the South Carolina DMV by a  male who called himself "gender non-conforming" the DMV announced:

  • Last week, it was announced that the DMV had reached a settlement with the teen to allow him—and all other males who consider themselves to be “gender non-conforming” or “transgender”—to wear makeup for their driver’s license photographs.

    “[T]he South Carolina DMV will (1) change its photo policy to allow license applicants to be photographed the way they appear regularly, even when their hair, makeup or clothing doesn’t match the DMV’s expectations of how a man or a woman should look; (2) implement training for DMV employees that addresses the new policy and the professional treatment of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals; (3) allow Chase to return to the DMV to get her license photograph taken wearing makeup; and (4) apologize to Chase for how she was treated at the DMV,” the Fund outlined.