Monday, April 27, 2015

Only 6 percent of the money Clinton Foundation collected in 2013 went to help people

What if you were to analyze the Clinton Foundation like any charitable organization? That is a question that we’re asking tonight. Does the Clinton Foundation wisely spend charitable dollars? Well the experts weighed in. The answer is a resounding no. One expert even called it a slush fund for the Clintons. These are not politicos. These are charity experts.”
“Charity Navigator, who we have on the show all the time, placed the Clinton Foundation on a watch list,” she continued. “They think there are problems with this non-profit............Any Democrat—they say what a wonderful charitable organization it is doing to help people in need, people who are hungry, people who have AIDS. Listen, 6 percent of the money it collected in 2013, 6 percent — $9 million, of the $140 million in total it collected, went to help people.” --Gerri Willis 04.27.15