Thursday, April 30, 2015

MWS Files: Kids Will Be Kids as Long as Moms Will be Moms.

Brandon, Mississippi Police Chief William Thompson got a report from the local Kroger's store saying that they have been going through poppy seeds very quickly, but they were not selling any.

WLBT Reported:

  • Police discovered surveillance images of 22-year-old William Marshall of Brandon stealing poppy seeds. The thefts occurred at Kroger stores in Brandon and Flowood. He then cooked up batches of poppy seed tea. 

But that wasn't the thing that caught my attention. It was this:

  • "His face went on Facebook, and within 2.5 hours his momma had him sitting in my lobby," Thompson told us.

 In light of the video of the mother in Baltimore, Toya Graham, who was filmed slapping her kid and sending home when she caught a glimpse of him on TV with the rioters it kinds of fits a theme.

 WLBT reported this, also, today:

  •  We have a copy of the JPS Code of Conduct. It's a pretty thick book. It's been violated by students from time and time. And disciplinary action has followed we are told. Now the Superintendent is turning to parents. He wants parents and grandparents to have a voice and help shape a new culture of respect. "So for the upcoming school year we are asking parents to get engaged by first reviewing the student code of conduct and now sharing their feedback," Dr. Cedric Gray [Superintendent] told reporters.

It's nice to see the parents plugging in and being plugged in to issues involving their children.