Thursday, April 30, 2015

Looting is Just Another Way To Force People to Share the Wealth

Or so it might seem when the very Democrat Baltimore Mayor tells police to allow protesters "space to destroy" and then tells them to "let them loot."

  • Citing a senior law enforcement source, correspondent Leland Vittert told Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Wednesday that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake instructed police Monday to “let them loot.”
    “This is coming from a very senior law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the orders that were given by the mayor and by her police commanders, down to the very core of the police riot control units,” Vittert said.
    “What I am quoting now from him is, quoting the mayor, ‘Let them loot, it’s only property.’”
     [SOURCE: BizPac Review]

    [H/T  @Jopup1 ]