Monday, April 27, 2015

Legislators made Mississippi’s initiative process burdensome

Last week, Sen Chris McDaniel's United Conservative Fund proposed putting an term limits amendment on the Mississippi ballot.

But, Associated Press writer Emily Wagster Pettus suggests:

  • .".......history shows there’s a good chance the proposal will never even come up for a vote. Legislators made Mississippi’s initiative process burdensome when they created it more than two decades ago. Putting a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot requires people to circulate petitions and gather signatures from at least 107,216 registered voters within a year. At least 21,443 of those must come from each of the five congressional districts that the state used in 2000. Mississippi has had four congressional districts since the 2002 election cycle, but the initiative law still relies on outdated maps."

The secretary of state’s website lists the initiatives that have been started since the 1990s ( ).