Monday, April 27, 2015

Jackson City Council Petitioned to Close Business. Why not just enforce the laws?

 Members of a group calling themselves "Respect Our Black Dollars" protested in front of a Jackson convenience store after having petitioned the Jackson city Council to shut the business down. Apparently the store has been the target of past raids that uncovered opium and stolen goods.

I don't think the problem lays in the hands of the Jackson City Council. Seems to me that if a petition was created it would be to have the Jackson police enforce the laws. And, given my limited knowledge on the grand scheme of the entire thing, the law should protect the people and the neighborhood if simple laws are enforced. Possession of opium is illegal. Possession of stolen goods is illegal.

If large groups of people with signs is all that is needed to shut businesses down, then lots of American businesses might be in peril. Mob rule sets a terrible precedent.