Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is DeSoto County School District Racist or Are Black Students Just Doing Bad Things?

For the record, I hate these kinds of complaints. A civil rights group (based out of Washington DC) has filed a complaint against DeSoto County school district because black kids are getting suspensions. However, without even an investigation, or any facts to back up a suspected point, a charge of "racism" is levied against the school district. And, filed BTW, with the help of a group they are calling the DeSoto County Parents and Students for Justice, which, appears to only exist as a FaceBook group   The reason I don't like these kinds of charges is that they often will ignore the issue that really needs to be addressed: did these kids do bad things that merited suspension? If so, then by excusing them with a charge of "racism" will not help the students at all. In the end it will perpetuate a victim hood mentality.

Per the Clarion Ledger:
  • These DeSoto County students have more in common than lengthy suspensions: All are African-American. A complaint against the DeSoto County School District and the Board of Education was filed Tuesday on behalf of these students and the DeSoto County Parents and Students for Justice. The group is represented by the Advancement Project, a Washington-based civil rights organization that helps "communities of color dismantle and reform … policies that undermine the promise of democracy," according to its website.
    The complaint, filed with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, alleges Mississippi's largest school district has violated the Civil Rights Act by discriminating "against Black students on the basis of race through its discipline policies and practices fostering a school-to-prison pipeline and fueling racial disparities." It asks the federal government to force the district to revise a "code of conduct" that, it claims, allows for vague and uneven punishments.