Monday, June 16, 2014

Under Obama Dissenters are Racist; Under Hillary Clinton We will be Sexist (Prepare, Just in Case)

Dave Andrusko (National Right to Life) offers insight into ways Hillary Clinton media friends jump to protect her:

"What’s more revealing is the strategies the Clinton entourage (in collaboration with their friends in the media) employ to protect Mrs. Clinton from the consequences of her remarks. To name just a few
  • There’s the aforementioned rustiness.
  • You asked for her to stop with the prefabricated answers, so don’t be angry/disappointed/surprised. (A.K.A. be grateful.)
  • It’s sexism (an all-purpose smear that we will hear unendingly)
  • The press is unable to handle complexity. Or as Carl Bernstein (who wrote an instantly forgettable book about Hillary Clinton) put it, “Part of her problem goes to her mistrust, justified in significant measure, of the press, and its difficulty in handling complexity and ambiguity in context.”
That is arguably one of the silliest, most disingenuous comments you will ever read. Hillary Clinton utters these clunkers because she’s been forced to reduce “complexity and ambiguity” into language those dolts in the press can handle? Please.
Finally, my favorite, from a story in POLITICO which passed this concluding remark along without comment
  • “Focus groups over the years have shown many voters find Clinton more appealing the more they listened to what she has to say, according to her advisers.”
It doesn’t make any difference whether Mrs. Clinton becomes the Mrs. Malaprop of the 2016 presidential campaign. As long as she has a “D” after her name (D for Democrat), she will, like President Obama, find that there is always an excuse for the inexcusable."

 The article in it's entirety is at National Right to Life: Hillary Clinton, gaffes, and the list of all-purpose excuses