Monday, June 16, 2014

Impeach Barack Obama!

ON THE RECORD: June 16, 2014: The Tampa Bay Times has posted an editorial applauding the fact that President issues edicts without congressional support:

"As long as Congress refuses to work with President Barack Obama, the president's only option is to run public policy around the Capitol instead of through it."

...... and ends it with.........

 "Until Congress breaks its partisan gridlock, the president's last resort to make meaningful change is to use executive orders to at least improve the lives of millions of Americans working for federal contractors."

 The issue has to do with "banning federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation" but that is NOT the focus of my point here. Obama does not seem to like the checks and balance system established by the US Constitution which involve the three branches of government, or in the case of legislation the Executive and the Congress. Instead he wants to run the country by announcing edicts as though he were a king.  This "king" needs to be overthrown via impeachment for this and so many more issues...including aiding and abetting terrorists by handing back to terrorist regimes 5 people who are an immediate threat to the USA. Along with letting our southern border be over run by illegal immigrants and anyone else who wishes to cross the border that way which, in turn, endangers the lives of Americans and national security.  And that's just  a few..