Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bishop Lorenzo Kelly Says Gordon Howie is the Man for the Job in South Dakota Senate Race

Bishop Lorenzo Kelly
June 19, 2014

“We need men and women who place moral and Christian values above just winning for the Republican Party,” said Bishop Lorenzo Kelly in a letter release today.

Kelly is a Bishop in the Church of God in Christ, which has over five million members in the United States.
Bishop Kelly went on to say, “I have prayed and counseled with him as to why he should run and not someone else. I believe he is the man for the job.”

Howie speaks passionately about calling America back to faith, freedom and a higher purpose. “I will use those principles as I make the difficult decisions that must be made to bring America back to where she belongs,” he said.

“With Gordon in the office, we will see a godly change occur in this state and in our nation”, said Bishop Kelly.
Gordon Howie has always been a deficit hawk, and opposed to tax increases. His fiscal position is very simple: Cut spending, reduce debt and stop government growth. “Most people agree that we need to stop ObamaCare and get our financial house in order,” said Howie, “But this election is about something more than those issues. It is about really about Faith, Freedom and a higher Purpose”.