Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beware the HiJacking of Christianity

ON THE RECORD: June 4, 2014: Emma Colton (Daily Caller) reports that

 "If you’re religious and pregnant, Planned Parenthood wants to let you know God would be completely supportive of you having an abortion. Planned Parenthood recently posted a “Pastoral Letter” that explained God would champion women to terminate pregnancies because abortion is never mentioned in Christian or Jewish texts, reported The Christian Post." ("Planned Parenthood: God Supports Abortion")

 In this case, the letter was quickly removed on June 3, yet various Planned Parenthood state chapter websites still have differing forms of the same religious, pro-abortion message.

So what's happening? I have noticed a change in narratives especially within the last month or so on various issues ranging from abortion to LGBTQ rights. Rather than coming down on messages from those who represent Christianity on various issues, they have instead taken the position that they are the one speaking for true Christianity and everyone else who disagrees with them is clearly, to them, in the wrong. Most notably, Media Matters LGBTQ friendly web site, Equality Matters, has begun doing this. I first noticed it in an article written by Luke Brinker from last month titled "How Fox News Is Helping Homophobes Hijack Christianity."  The interesting thing about the article is that Brinker purposely changes the narrative and claims that all things gay is OK with "real" Christianity.

 "( Dana) Loesch's unhinged defense of the Benham brothers is an unsettling illustration of the danger that comes with Fox News's campaign to depict homophobia as nothing more than mainstream Christianity. It ends up excusing even the most extreme forms of anti-gay bigotry while painting a misleading picture of what most American Christians actually believe." 

 Clearly, it is the LGBTQ community activists that are hijacking Christianity, and if you follow Brinker's logic, he assumes it is already a done deal.  Buyer Beware. We know their efforts will fail theologically, but on the other hand, it will be bought hook line and sinker by people seeking a pseudo-theology and a "fell-good" religious experience they can claim is "Christianity."  What the end result could be is that people who are true Christians will become the "heretics." We know it is a sign of great evil when that which is good is declared evil and vice versa but clearly the shift has begun.