Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Amazon One of Latest Public Relations Victims of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Amazon.com has been encouraged to be careful about which groups it associates with and its image among Christians – but it remains to be seen if the massive Internet-based commerce company will take heed. The concern is a lack of neutrality at Amazon – and that activists are now
knocking at the door of Amazon, demanding more. That's one of the concerns of Justin Danhof, general counsel of the  National Center for Public Policy Research

"It turns out that Amazon actually, in part, uses lists created by an
 organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center to determine who it
 does and doesn't associate with from time to time, [to determine] who's allowed to be vendors and merchants," he explains.

SPLC is the same group that lists organizations such as American
Family Association, Family Research Council, and others as "hate groups"  for supporting Christian and conservative values – among them, biblical marriage. Danhof attended a shareholders meeting in Seattle on Wednesday and addressed CEO Jeff Bezos, urging Amazon to take the company neutral. He summarizes  his message to Bezos:

"So when they come knocking at the door contending that you work with
 this group and this group but not these groups, because we don't like
their position on gay marriage or climate change or whatever the issue
is the activist is trying to bring up, you can just take a step back and  say  "Sorry guys, we have a content neutral policy. Thanks for your concerns but we're going to adhere to our policy. Have a good day."

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