Saturday, April 12, 2014

Censorship Begets Censorship Begets Censorship (Rude Pundit)

This article is probably best in its entirety so you can hit the link below to read the whole thing. It deals with two events in which a speaker was cancelled at a college or university. I really thought the guy made excellent points. a little crude, maybe, but that's fitting for someone called "The Rude Pundit.":

  The Rude Pundit sees little difference between the outraged South Carolina lawmakers and the outraged Brandeis protesters. They are on the same side of the same filthy coin, which reads, "This person says things I don't like; therefore, no one should hear this person." You could add "Except for maybe in places and at times I approve." He finds such censorship of speech (and, please, don't fall back on the old "Well, we're not preventing them from speaking" canard - it's censorship) ludicrous across the ideological spectrum. You can't think the withdrawal of Hirsi Ali's invitation is okay, but South Carolina shouldn't pressure a college to cancel Butchy McDyke. That's laughable hypocrisy. That's saying it's wrong for one religion to be offended but okay for another one to be. Of course, that means the Rude Pundit is offended. But he doesn't want people speaking out to shut up. He wants them to be heard, along with all the other voices. He wants more speech, more voices, more perspectives. You can see who shoots themselves in the foot only by giving them all the bullets they can handle. (SOURCE: The Rude Pundit: "Censorship Begets Censorship Begets Censorship")