Thursday, March 13, 2014

#Texas Senator Asks for Boycott of Business in His Own State

Kens5, a station out of San Antonio, reports  that Rep Joaquin Castro tweeted a picture he had download of himself on FaceBook showing him with the Buc-ee's mascot  and saying that he 

"Won’t gas up there anymore since they support a fear mongering immigrant-basher."

 (He was referring to Lt Governor Dan Patrick).  People responded with retweets and a trending hashtag: #BoycottBucees. A Buc-ees spokesman said that the convenience store was not endorsing any candidate. The focal point for me on this story isn't the ridiculous feud that these two are having, but the fact that a sitting Texas representative would call for a boycott of any business in his own state. (SOURCE: "Rep. Castro responds after Buc-ee's backpedals over Dan Patrick endorsement ")