Thursday, March 20, 2014

Occupy Denver Disrupting a Neighborhood has Supreme Court Backing

Picture Denver officials are helpless to stop the harassment going on every Sunday in a Park Hill neighborhood when Occupy Denver protesters picket in front of the home of the CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership. But the activity is outrageous and an affront to privacy. The protesters are doing nothing but hurting their cause. The group has been picketing against Tami Door every week since November, carrying signs and shouting at Door's house — protesting her support for Denver's homeless camping ban that passed in 2012.................The U.S. Supreme Court in 1988 ruled in Frisby vs. Schultz that the town of Brookfield, Wis., did not violate the First Amendment with a ban on residential picketing. The court in its 6-3 ruling said the ban was constitutional because it did not prohibit all picketing in residential areas but, rather, only "focused picketing" in front of a specific residence. People can still picket up and down a block, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote in the majority opinion. That means Occupy Denver may continue their Sunday ritual of disrupting a neighborhood. It's a shame their right to free speech is ruining others' right to live in peace. (SOURCE: Denver Post: Editorial Board: "Occupy Denver's shameful use of free speech ")