Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How Long Before Hollywood Implodes Upon Itself?

I guess it's inevitable that Hollywood will eventually implode on itself. Case in point (or two cases): The Huffington Post reported that "Ellen Degeneres Called 'Transphobic' After Liza Minnelli Oscars Joke" It signals out a joke Ellen Degeneres did while hosting the Oscars: 

“Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen,” DeGeneres joked about the icon who has been a favorite subject for female impersonators and drag artists over the years. “Good job, sir.” 

Now she is labeled "transphobic" and will probably have to issue some apologies here and there.

 Then Chelsea Handler (Entertainment Weekly: "Chelsea Handler: 'I'm not racist. I date a lot of black people' -- VIDEO") tweeted something about the movie "12 Years a Slave" and added a hast tag (the title of her book) #ugandabekiddingme. The "racist" labelers were out with their "racist" accusations almost immediately. (In Twitter time "almost immediately" means "immediately.") Though I don't spend a lot of time watching either of them (bit enjoy the humor of both), I have seen enough of them to know that the charges are ludicrous. But the inevitable implosion of Hollywood political correctness has been, well, inevitable.   You can't be throwing rocks at people when you live in glass houses and Hollywood has thrown enough stones at society in the name of "political correctness" in recent years.  But it does give the stars some air time to hit the morning TV shows to apologize, and because Handler and Degeneres never did a movie about Jesus Christ, they will let this one slide by. Even Liza Minelli will get some press time that she  craves as her starlight has faded as she feigns being offended though she clearly was laughing at the time of the joke as the camera revealed. 

"I think she thought it would be funny, but she never stopped after she said it and said, 'My friend Liza Minnelli," the 67-year-old stage and screen legend tells TMZ. "So I think it went a little astray on her."

 Still, Minnelli was quick to add, "I don't think she meant any harm at all. She's a wonderful lady. ("Liza Minnelli Responds To Ellen DeGeneres' Female Impersonator Joke At The Oscars "). I can't hardly wait for the next volley just to see who the next Hollywood victim will be, though it is often a bit selective.  Maybe DeGeneres would have gotten a pass if she called Minelli a "selfish little pig."