Monday, March 3, 2014

Daily Beast Writer Wants Movie About Jesus That Isn't About Jesus

Matthew Paul Turner (Daily Beast) wrote a rather odd article about the "Son of God" movie: "‘Son of God’: Why Are Jesus Movies Always Lame?"  The article title pretty much summarizes Turner's premise. It's lots of opinion which really makes it more of an article about him then it is about anything else. He goes on about how he ("I") went to see lots of Jesus movies, how he saw "The Greatest move Ever Told" and throws in his Baptist upbringing. When he finally gets to the "Son Of God" movie he says 

"But the movie’s flaws, the numerous cinematic nuances that caused me to cringe or snicker or roll my eyes may not be entirely the moviemakers’ fault. “Jesus” isn’t exactly the easiest story to retell, especially when Christians are the audience that a filmmaker is targeting. That right there might be Downey and Burnett’s biggest mistake: they catered their film to Christians."

His last point is quite laughable to me. He wants a story about Jesus, an obvious Christian leader, to not be Christian. Maybe he wants a cyborg or wants a good Jesus/ bad Jesus buddy cop movie. If you take out the Christian aspect of who Jesus is, then the sky is pretty much the limit on that point. But, if you take the Christian theme out of a movie about Jesus it is no longer a picture about Jesus. Turner applauds Scorsese "Last Temptation of Christ" because it strayed from the Christian theme. Of course, that movie wasn't about the Christ of the Bible, it was about the Christ according to Martin Scorsese Matthew Turner wants a movie about Jesus that isn't about Jesus. Good luck with that.