Thursday, February 27, 2014

Has anyone noticed that the people who are crying for tolerance are actually the most intolerant?

In case no one has never been unclear yet as to whether or not NBC News has a bias, it is clearly exemplified with their headline tonight: "Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill "  The author (Daniel Arkin) goes on to explain that 

"Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed a hot-button measure that would have permitted businesses in the state to deny service to gay and lesbians for religious beliefs.

Well, that's putting it crudely, but the bill was designed to protect the rights of businesses to refuse service to whomever they wish if it conflicted with their religious convictions. Granted, I think Brewer did the right thing by vetoing it, but it only became an "anti gay" bill when the vitriolic left latched onto it and apparently NBC News followed suit. Aside from the usual suspects like the intolerant people at GLAAD, some businesses weighed in:

 "In recent days, major corporations had come out strongly against the proposal. Apple, Inc., which recently announced plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Mesa, Az., was joined by American and Delta airlines, Marriot Hotels, Intel, PetSmart, Yelp, Major League Baseball and others in announcing their opposition to the bill.The bill threw Arizona's stint as host of next year's Super Bowl into jeopardy, too. The NFL had been mulling moving the game from the Phoenix-area city of Glendale if the bill were signed into law.." 

 For the record I truly detest the actions by some of these businesses and particularly Apple and the NFL. Basically what they did was extortion. They threatened to subtract their business if Arizona didn't comply with their demands. It's funny that we detest political money being maneuvered through lobbyists or super-pacs but yet we tolerate the actions which equal the same end when its done by a business. Has anyone noticed that the people who are crying for tolerance are actually the most intolerant?