Friday, July 10, 2015

Chicago Tribune's David Rutter: If You took Chemistry then You are a Qualified Climate Change Scientist (sort of)

[paraphrase mine} Chicago Tribune columnist David Ritter set the bar rather lower then most people do when it comes to "global climate change."  In an article in which Ritter mocks 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum for his religious beliefs, he mentions Santorum's issue with "global warming."

  • When Pope Francis revealed a pending encyclical that would make conquering global climate change a moral tenet of the Catholic Church, Santorum thought he would score points with confederates by telling the pope to mind his own business. Santorum believes climate change is not real, just like evolution is not real.
    Popes are not suitable observers of science, Santorum suggested.
    Of course, the current pope was educated in chemistry. So, he sort of is a scientist. And Santorum is sort of not.
Pretty much most critics of people who say they don't believe in global warming are told  they don't understand because they are not an expert, or in this case a scientist. Ritter implies that the Pope studied chemistry, so he is qualified to have an opinion on global warming. (sort of).