Friday, May 8, 2015

South Dakota Establishment Republicans and Their Secret War Against Christians

Press Release from Peter Waldron

Peter Waldren
A wealth of evidence, to include, sworn affidavits, that document an effort by a Republican-controlled State government to suppress Christian voters is now in our possession. 

Dr. Peter Waldron states, "If South Dakota is an example of Establishment Republican rule, then I fear for the nation if a Republican-in-name-only ("RINO") is elected president in 2016."

The abundance of documented evidence collected during a three-week investigation alleges that South Dakota's Division of Criminal Investigation ("DCI") agents stalked, surveilled and visited Christian families at their homes before the all-in-important June 2014 Primary. 

Such tactics achieved its apparent goal – it scared voters away from the polls.

The anecdotal evidence points to possible coordination between the eventual winner, former governor, now US Senator Mike Rounds (SD-R) and the man he handpicked to be Attorney General, Marty Jackley. 

Furthermore, the sequence of events and circumstances surrounding the pre-primary state prosecution of Republican candidate Dr. Annette Bosworth, a popular Christian missionary and physician, are suspicious. 

Waldron is no stranger to political corruption investigations. He filed a FEC complaint in 2013 against the Bachmann for President Campaign. The Minnesota Congresswoman's early retirement came after she learned of multiple investigations by the Federal Elections Commission, House Ethics Committee, Federal Bureau of Investigation and state agencies. 

Dr. Waldron also filed a complaint against the Ron Paul Campaign in 2014. The complaint included irrefutable evidence of an alleged bribery between people connected to U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's presidential campaign staff and Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson. The evidence, to include audio tapes, was given to the FBI by Dr. Waldron. The disgraced state senator plead guilty and awaits sentencing by a Federal Court. 

"When the public persecution of Christians by the civil government becomes as obvious as it is in South Dakota, it sends a chilling message to all Christians who want to support a candidate, who want to run for office, or want to volunteer."