Sunday, May 10, 2015

Shorter Progressivism: If Peeple Waz Just Smart Like Us Then They Cud Be Ables to Understandz our Wisdom!

 Allen Clifton is founder of "Forward Progressives," a liberal progressive web site which only purpose seems to be to explain how wonderful, smart and intelligent "Progressives" are and everyone who is not one is mentally diminished. The following comes from an article that's over a year old, but one cannot help but find the title humorous: "The Simple Truth: President Obama is Too Intelligent for Republicans to Understand "

  • When it comes right down to it, I really do believe a huge part about why so many of the non-racist Republicans are against President Obama is because many of them are simply unable to grasp his “big picture” thinking that drives a lot of his policies. That requires intelligence and far too many conservative would rather just be told what to think by Fox News. They want their policies to be so simplified and catchy that they fit on bumper stickers. It’s like I’ve often said, Democrats are trying to use science, math, reality, history and education to reason with people who deny science, don’t trust math, create their own reality, distort history and often devalue quality education. 

Though this is more blatant then some, this really is the approach a lot of lefties who seem convinced of their own wonderful intellect.  They cannot fathom that a liberal issue can be wrong, or that there is an alternative opinion--it's just misunderstood. Every time they lose an election they do not for even a minute accept that more people actually like the other candidate but rather the problem was that they weren't able to get their message out properly or maybe "the sun was in their eyes" or "the dog ate their talking points" etc, etc, etc. That's the arrogant foundation people like Obama and and now Hillary Clinton embrace when they set up web sites to specifically address how some policy of theirs is "just not being understood properly."