Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MSGOP Messing With Elections Again and/or Still

 This time in the Biloxi Mayoral race:
  • The Biloxi election for mayor created a fracture in the Mississippi Republican Party. The race between FoFo Gilich and Windy Swetman was non-partisan, but the Mississippi Republican Committee endorsed Swetman. The state office sent out a letter suggesting Gilich was a democrat. 
  • Gilich did run for mayor as a democrat in 2001 and was active with the Harrison County Democratic Party. During the campaign, Gilich said he was a republican. The new mayor appeared before the Harrison County Republican Club on Wednesday and started his speech on a playful note. "I pledge allegiance to the Republican Party," Gilich said.
  •  The Republicans were anxious to hear what the new mayor had to sayMore at WLOX

Lest we forget: