Tuesday, May 12, 2015

HHS: Thou Shalt Contracept! Another Religious Choice Bites the Dust..

 HHS is telling insurers that they MUST cover All birth control.

  •  “Today’s [May 10] guidance seeks to eliminate any ambiguity,” HHS said. “Insurers must cover without cost-sharing at least one form of contraception in each of the methods (currently 18) that the FDA has identified for women in its current Birth Control Guide, including the ring, the patch and intrauterine devices.” [The Hill]
 Who cares what your conscience says about contraceptives.

For the record, this is NOT health care reform. This is health care reform agenda. Reform would involve HHS saying you will not charge this much for contraceptives AND you are not being forced to provide it.

  • The 18 federally approved types of birth control that now must be offered free include morning-after pills and IUDs, which have been controversial and labeled by conservatives, such as the owners of Hobby Lobby stores, as “abortifacients,” meaning they cause abortion.