Monday, May 11, 2015

Henry Ross should be the next Representative for Mississippi's 1st Congressional District

Lots of good candidates in the bunch. It will be interesting to see the numbers each of the candidates can pull from the state. 

Starner Jones, who contributed $475,000 of his own money into his campaign, seemed to imply his support of a flat tax or fair tax. Though I am not sure of Jones' plan to put either of those in place, the scenarios I have seen so far on either of them have not sold me on them (yet). Though I support the repeal of Obamacare, replacing it with "patient-centered reforms" seems OK but a little vague. The main problem with our health care system is the insurance companies themselves and federalizing them like Obamacare is not helpful in the least. The government has become so big it cannot even police itself and adding the health insurance to their bureaucracy is recipe for disaster.

Boyce Adams is former Bush White house aide and though I think his goals were right (repeal Obamacare, balancing budget, getting rid of regulations, etc) I did not hear a plan to get to those goals and the "liberal Obama agenda" was undefined. I believe the liberal Republican agenda needs to be dealt with also.

Sam Adcock's highest priority is to preserve our relation with Israel. Though I agree that it is important, with all the other things we face in the country right now I can't really see it as a top priority. I think a top priority for the US would be one that when addressed would be so pivotal it might affect several other issues. I would place the health care/insurance reform and the economy right now in the high priority spot, though national security because of ISIS may overtake those priorities. . I think "job creation" is a red herring and the Fed shouldn't be involved in trying to create jobs as part of any goal. Address the economy and jobs problems will begin to resolve itself.

Ed Holliday has stated his highest priority is to abolish the IRS, does not support amnesty, and wants something in  place of Obamcare if  it gets repealed. Abolishing the IRS, though a worthy campaign cry, is so intertwined with our tax structure that it would require a new tax plan also. Though I will always support abolishing the IRS, I also need to see the plan that gets us there. Elimination needs to be the plan and not just some form of rebranding.

Mike Tagert signed the Taxpayer protect pledge which is put out by Americans for Tax Reform. Though I am not suggesting Tagert does not believe in what he has signed, I have seen too many examples of this "pledge" being nothing more then an election ploy. It should be naturally assumed that any congressmen elected at any time should have the needs of the people in mind and over taxation should be a given. 

Trent Kelly seems to be very big on military support which is not a bad thing and probably explains his endorsement by VetsStrong Political Action Committee. In April he said one of his highest priorities is "jobs and the economy" and to work to stop the out of control regulations that are being placed on small businesses. But, "work to stop" isn't a well defined plan the way I see it it.

And there are others, like Greg Pirkle, Daniel Sparks, Chip Mills, and former Jackson City councilman Quentin Whitwell

  • He (Whitwell)  is running on a traditional conservative platform, emphasizing what he calls "traditional marriage" and "protecting the life of the unborn." Whitwell also wants to shrink the size of government and repeal Obamacare. In his newest campaign ad, posted May 4, Whitwell focuses on strengthening national security by invoking the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and images of the so-called Islamic State organization.[Jackson Free Press]
Wakter Zinn, a Democrat among the large filed of Republicans, is charismatic and very likable.

  • Zinn is a 34-year-old native of Pontotoc, which also happens to be the hometown of both Mississippi's representatives in the upper chamber of Congress—U.S. Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker. Zinn counts both his service to Jackson, as governmental-affairs director to former Mayors Lumumba and Harvey Johnson Jr., along with his growing up in blue-collar northeast Mississippi, as his chief qualifications. During his time in the Lumumba administration, Zinn helped the 1-percent sales tax referendum pass with 90 percent of the vote and says he helped manage major infrastructure crises in the state's most populous city.[Jackson Free Press]

 And then there is current state Senator Nancy Collins who has also signed a tax pledge, and endorsed Tate Reeves for reelection right out of the chute. Name recognition will help her and her authoring the special ed voucher bill which passed this year.

And then there's Henry Ross who has run for this office two times before. Maybe three times is a charm as when it comes to laying out the issues and explaining plans, Ross far outweighed the other candidates. Just a summary: 

  • The first step is to impose a widely targeted freeze on federal spending and keep the freeze in place as revenues grow. Dismantling unneeded federal department and agencies should follow, with real cuts in federal spending, not reductions in inflated future federal baselines. Lowering federal taxes rates will cause the economy to grow and tax revenues to increase, as Americans, enjoying more of their earnings, work and invest more.

  • Insurance reform is needed, but the approach should be far different. We need legislation that cuts insurance costs through tort reform, by allowing health insurance purchasing across state lines, insurance portability and competition, and rewarding healthy lifestyle choices. These and other common sense solutions do not require new taxes and spending.

  • We need Conservative fighters in Congress who will restore Biblical values and personal responsibility by preserving traditional marriage, reforming welfare to encourage marriage and the presence of fathers in beneficiaries’ homes, and protecting the unborn. We need bold leaders in the U.S. Congress, who aren’t merely concerned about their career and the next election, in order to change the course of our nation.

  • The evidence of our Christian heritage is irrefutable. We need conservative fighters in Congress who will join the battle to restore our religious freedoms and protect them from further assault. We need conservative fighters in Congress who aren’t afraid to have us once again honor God as a nation. We need conservative fighters in Congress who will hold U.S. Supreme Court Justices accountable when these Justices render decisions which clearly do not follow the Constitution as written or as discerned by the founders’ original intent.

  • Here at home, our borders must be secured immediately to eliminate the entry of ISIS or other terrorist groups into the United States. Visas allowing entry into the United States should be severely limited for those from countries or areas where terrorist activity is supported or for those whose profile suggest they may be suspected as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

  • Our nation’s founders understood that ownership of arms is fundamental to our freedom as American citizens. This is a right that cannot be surrendered. We need conservative fighters in Congress who will hold U.S. Supreme Court Justices accountable when these Justices render decisions which clearly do not follow the Constitution as written or as discerned by the founders’ original intent.
It is for these reasons that I think Henry Ross would be the best candidate for Mississippi's Congressional seat and good for America in the larger scheme of things.