Monday, May 18, 2015

Federal Government Interfering in Cleveland, Missisippi Schools

According to the Associated Press:

  • A federal judge must decide whether this Mississippi Delta college town's school system is an oasis of integration or a glaring example of continued segregation. The court hearing opening today before U.S. District Judge Debra Brown in Greenville is something of a dinosaur. Court desegregation orders were common in the 1970s and 1980s, but have become much more unusual.
After all, when it comes to things such as education and  race and integration and segregation, who else is a better expert at those and everything else then the federal Government,???

  • Boston University Professor Christine Rossell, working for the district, estimates as many as half the 500 white middle school and high school students will leave if schools are consolidated. Rossell wrote that forced reassignments "are not stable solutions to racial isolation" in heavily black school districts like Cleveland. "School districts with that racial composition should never mandatorily reassign white students," she wrote.
Per the Constitution, education was intended to be ruled by the state...and NEVER the Fed.