Thursday, May 7, 2015

Columnists Seem to Love to Paint Mississippi as Racist

David Dallas, political columnist for the Mississippi Business Journal, posted an article this week in regard to the events going on in Baltimore. For the most part I agreed but there were a couple comments he made about some comments that Gov Phil Bryant made which I take a bit of exception to. They are:

  • Thankfully here in Mississippi, according to former deputy sheriff and current Gov. Phil Bryant, we don’t have to worry about race conflicts and rioting. Bryant told WAPT’s Bert Case, “I think people in Mississippi trust their law enforcement, and I think they look to them for leadership, unlike they do in some other areas across the nation.” That’s right, Bryant slammed police departments all across America for their lack of leadership and trust.

I think this is where Dallas begins his premise which leads to his flawed conclusion. Bryant said "in some other areas across the nation." Bryant did not slam police "all across America." That's easily understood in the verbiage. 

  • The governor also said that he thinks, “our race relations (in Mississippi) are better than other communities around the nation.” Tell that to the family of James Craig Anderson and to the families of the children now imprisoned for his murder.

The murder of James Craig Anderson was in 2011. If Dallas has to go that far back to find an example, then it likely affirms Bryant's point. Bryant is not saying race relations are perfect, but I think "better than other communities around the nation" could be argued for legitimately.

I believe racism does exist, but not to the point of saying the entire state of Mississippi is racist. Mississippi's has a history....but people need to get over it and realize people moved on  while many columnists haven't.