Thursday, May 7, 2015

Baltimore SA Marilyn Mosby Shouldn't Have Taken the Knife to a Court Fight

Baltimore States Attorney Marilyn Mosby  insists the blade in Freddie Gray's  posession was legal. Police insist it was illegal. But even if the knife is legal, the case could still crumble.

  • "If the facts were that the knife was illegal, then the Gray arrest would be justified," attorney Andy Alperstein told WJLA. "Even if it wasn't illegal and the officers acted in good faith, it would be the same result. All charges fail."

  • The knife's legality centers on whether it was a spring-loaded automatic model, which is illegal, or one that has a spring mechanism that assists the person opening the knife, which is legal.

  • "An automatic knife means all you do is push a button and the blade pops out," Michael Faith, marketing director for Henderson's Sporting Goods, told WJLA. "A lot of knives will have a little spring assist so when you push it open with your thumb, the knife will open up pretty much by itself." [Business Insider]