Monday, May 25, 2015

Actress Rose McGowan Tweets Disinformation; Also Claims She Owns the Planet

She was in such a hurry to condemn both Ted Cruz & Josh Duggar, she absorbed the first piece of disinformation she could find.

  • TV and movie actress Rose McGowan blundered into a Twitter trap Sunday when she retweeted a phony “quote” from Ted Cruz apparently defending reality TV star and confessed child molester Josh Dugger. And added her own insipid commentary. 
  • The problem for the empty-headed McGowan, of course, is that Cruz never said any such thing. As the myth debunking points out, the Facebook group the alleged quote came from is “Stop The World, The Teabaggers Want Off. [Biz Pac Review]

On a side note, the FaceBook group she took the quote from purposely disseminates misinformation hoping that their  fellow liberals will push the information, apparently knowing that liberals like Rose McGowan are a dime a dozen.