Sunday, May 17, 2015

21st Century Politics: It's Ok to lie, cheat & steal.......just as long as it serves a greater purpose

You can even delete all your emails and take money from foreign American enemies.

According to San Diego gay rights activist Joel Trambley . He writes in a column at LGBT Weekly:

  • Despite the accusations of lying, cheating and withholding evidence, Brady remains wildly popular in the New England fan base. Hillary Clinton is already an expert at playing that card. Who can forget the “vast right wing conspiracies” that made her fans all the more vocal in her defense?
 In other words, it's not how you get's just that you get there. Trambley makes it clear that breaking rules is OK as long as breaking the rules is going to make Americans better people .

  •  Deleted emails and “Clinton Cash” won’t be the last attacks on Hillary Clinton’s honesty. Her path to victory isn’t convincing voters that no rules were broken. Instead, she should convince them she will bend and break rules aggressively, but not recklessly, in the interests of the American people. Like her husband and Tom Brady, she doesn’t need to be a saint – just the kind of sinner who leads our team to victory.

Surprised? I am maybe a bit surprised by the blatant admission, but I think Trambley really clarified the progressives positions on just about everything: it's OK to lie, cheat, and steal...just as long as it serves a greater purpose. Welcome to the world of 21st Century American Politics.