Sunday, April 8, 2018

Why Manufacture Rage When You have an "Off" Switch??

In 2018 America, if someone on the radio says something to offend you we are now living in a culture which, through its actions, says the best response is to take away their livelihood...., their income..their jobs.... by getting them fired or getting their advertisers to no longer advertise with them. Do they realize that some of these "jobs" may support a family or a host of other things a person uses their income to support?.......but that is seldom considered as if the "offending" person was not really a human being at all anymore....just a target of hatred and anger. 

We can also use social media to manufacture rage at someone or something...not because we may have such strong beliefs for or against it...but just because we can. We are beginning to forget that one of the basic tenets of our Constitutional freedom is the the right to free speech. There is NO Constitutional protection to keep me from hearing something that will offend me....and nor do I want such protection. Though I do read and listen to news from the far left all the way to the far right.....if I am offended then the "OFF" switch works just fine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Joe Nosef: "We all owe a debt of gratitude to our Governor for his public service and the results that have followed."

From Press Release:

JACKSON, MS — Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef released the following statement at the conclusion of Governor Phil Bryant’s sixth State of the State Address: 
"Tonight, Governor Bryant discussed his priorities and vision, but more importantly he talked about the results for our state. From education and the Frank Newman Award — the Heisman Trophy of Education achievement — to bold moves and innovative solutions to better protect our most vulnerable children. Regardless of political party, we all owe a debt of gratitude to our Governor for his public service and the results that have followed."

Friday, December 9, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Illegal Immigrants Pick & Choose Which Laws They Want to Obey

 But then, if you start out illegal, then why not?

A Yale student, Ramon Garibaldo, is an illegal immigrant who is part of  the college protest happening at some of the colleges across the USA. They are protesting president-elect Donal Trump's deportation plan. Gariboldo defiantly told an AP reporter: "My mom, my dad, they crossed the border for me to be here. So we aren't going to bow down to the orders of one man."

For an American this would be an act of treason. For a person who is defying the law and apparently feels it is his right to pick which laws he wants to follow and which not to follow this sets a very bad precedent,.

There are also some students who want to have the universities declare themselves a "sanctuary" so illegal immigrants can escape deportation. States need to pay attention to this and should any university set itself up to defy the should lose funding. Trust me, they won't be declaring themselves "sanctuaries" if they don't have their government checks.

Students..and college students nonetheless...should have some understanding of how economics works. There's no such thing as "free money" for colleges...let alone "free college." Someone has to pay. Law biding citizens..who are paying taxes....should have the ear of the government on this issue and not noisy ones who may not even be paying any taxes at all.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jim Rockford (Rockford Files) Predicts Internet Privacy Issues In 1978

You CAN Change your early absentee vote in Mississippi

You just have to be here on Nov 8 to do it.

According to The Mississippi Secretary of State. Delbert Hosemann, an absentee vote can be cancelled if you show up at the polling precinct on election day (Nov 8) and vote. The precinct vote cancels out your absentee vote because you cannot vote twice.  So you can change your vote.
Also, voter ID laws  do not appear to have disenfranchised any voters. It's "actually enfranchised Mississippians," reported Hosemann

"Vote Trump" Mississippi: Where Childish Graffitti Becomes News

"Vote Trump" was painted on the remaining walls of a church which was burned in Greenville, Mississippi.
Obviously, if it were a real pro-Trump group they wouldn't have bothered leaving a graffiti calling-card.  That won't keep the media nuts who act as a pro-Hillary PAC from trying to twist it some way....but smart people are learning to ignore them.

This was a predominantly black church and this is Mississippi.  People who want to agitate LOVE to draw some kind of connection to the modern world and 1960s-Mississippi. (Including many dominant Mississippi columnists and editors).
   I hope they find the culprits because I would be interested in know how connected they are to pro-Hillary or just pure racist, race baiters...or all three.

It wasn't that long ago that some graffiti was pained on an abortion clinic in Jackson. "Graffiti" is news in Mississippi, apparently.

About 5.85% of Pascagoula Residents PASS a tax on prepared foods.

About 1,287 people from Pascagoula, Mississippi voted in favor of a 2% tax on prepared food. AP reported that the measure won by about 60% of the vote.

Only 2,145 people voted. I was not able to locate the number of registered voters in Pascagoula, but the population is 22,240 (last census).  Granted, that means a percentage of those are not eligible to vote....but 1,287 people made the decision to favor a 2% tax on prepared food on behalf of over 22,000 people. Very roughly. about 5.85% of Pascagoula Residents PASSED a tax on prepared foods.

That's one of many reasons why "Democracy" style governments inevitably fail.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Steve Deace: Here's what will happen over the next few months

Steve Deace gives his thoughts on what will happen over the next 3 1/2 months, and what is in store for the Republican Party in the aftermath of 2016.